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Is your LinkedIn Profile A.L.I.V.E ™ ?
Are you connected to at least 500 people?
Have at least 15 people visited your Profile in the last 3 days?
Have you adopted a LinkedIn connection strategy that dictates which requests you’ll accept?
Are you following Company pages of your top 10 potential clients and/or referral partners?
Have you linked your Profile to your Twitter account?
Do you have a link to your company website on your Personal Profile?
Have you written at least 10 recommendations?
Have you received at least 8 well-written recommendations?
Do you keep in touch with your contacts on a regular basis, using the various methods on LinkedIn?
Are you in at least 15 highly relevant Groups?
Do you participate in Group discussions on a regular basis (i.e., 2-3 times weekly)?
Have you developed at least 3 Advanced Searches using Boolean search criteria to identify your ideal buyers, referral/strategic partners, etc?
Have you won new business through LinkedIn in the last 4-6 months?
Are you writing at least 3 Updates per week?
Have you written at least one Post?
Have you customized your Pulse for people, channels, and publications aligned with your interests and/or industry?
Do you have a Company page?
Is your Company page correctly linked to your Personal Profile?
Are you certain that your Profile is 100% complete?

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